Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hard Day

Even the most peppy and optimistic people have hard days.  I find those hard days to be really really hard.  And I guess I'm having one.

First of all, today was weigh in day and I did not lose 1 single pound this week (imagine throwing hands in air and hitting thigh with a big sigh).  I know I have to be gaining muscle and I keep trying to tell myself when I'm trying to lose 1-2 pounds a week and working out as long and as hard as I do; it's bound to happen at some point.  But I've been following my points and my workout plan has been spot on.  So I'm frustrated to say the least.

Second, I think I'm coming down with a cold.  Who the HECK gets a cold in August?!  And of course it would never fail because vacation starts on Wednesday.  You know why would I ever want to feel good on vacation?!

Third, it's about that time of the rotation change where I start trying to get ready for a bad rotation.  For those new to my life.  Robert switches rotations every 60 days.  Some rotations are good and some beyond SUCK.  Trauma and Pedi have to be the two hardest rotations in the program. This year, because Robert is a 4th year resident he has to do two rotations (4 months back to back) in pedi and it just so happens he has trauma for the rotation before it and will have to do a total of two rotations of trauma.  Meaning we have a REALLY difficult year ahead.  Not to mention fellowship applications and interviews and match.  Basically, it's the last week on the current rotation (which has been fantastic), so reality is setting in.  Trauma starts September 1st and Pedi ends February 28th.  It's going to be a long six months.  It does bring challenges to my challenge of losing weight.  We tend to eat out a lot when he's on trauma.  The last thing I want to do is cook when I only get two hours with him.  When he's at the hospital I either tend to not eat enough, of course sending my body into "hoarding" mode, or I eat things like take out pizza and candy.  The stress of knowing I'm already not losing weight and the fact that it's about to get harder is weighing on me.  I know there are those of you out there are going to say "then what and why are you doing it? Do you really need to lose the weight?"  Truth I do really need to lose the weight.  My knee has been getting worse every year older I get and every pound I have.  And I told myself I would do this and I'M GOING TO.

Fourth, I haven't been able to hit my activity monitor goals this week.  So the monitor sets up a 12 week challenge and it's divided into 4 weeks.  After every 4 weeks the challenge adds an extra point to your "goal" for the day to earn.  So this week (and until week 8) my goal is to earn 7 activity points a day and I've really only been earning 6.  I was doing so well with my original goal of 6 activity points and now I feel I need to step up the game, but where?  Evaluation needed!

Lastly, planning how to lose weight on vacation.  We always plan vacation time (in the hospital that means you take the whole week of whether you had planned on it or not) prior to a trauma rotation.  I guess it's my compensation present for what's to come!! So next week we are going to Disneyland!! I'm so excited.  Last time we went to Disneyland I was pregnant with Brittany and there was a National College Football game on the line (ok we all know how that went).  But I've been on many of Disney vacations, and if there is one thing I know is that I WILL NOT be losing any weight!!! So plan on some posts of the challenges of losing weight while away from your normal routine.  We'll see if I can do it!!

On another note.... I found a FANTASTIC website that has Weight Watcher points with all the most popular restraurants on it!!! It's  It's fantastic!!! They have an app but I've haven't bit the bullet and bought it yet.  But if you are out there following WW then this is a site you should bookmark NOW!

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