Monday, December 2, 2013

What It's All About

So I guess I'm really bad at this... I swear I'm trying.

I really want to share a family story with ya'll today.  Today I enjoyed the gifts of raising my children to the best of my abilities.  I enjoyed the gifts of being a stay at home mom and I want to share them with all of you.

Robert only had to work the morning today, which is such a rare treat.  For those of you who don't know or understand the whole residency world, we get so little time with him.  This is the gifts of being a stay at home mom.  I was able to drop all of that "important" stuff, rearrange our day and spend it with daddy.  I'm truly greatful that I get to have the opportunity to stay at home with my kids; it's what I've always wanted to do.  Ok back to the story.... we went out for lunch to Johnny Carino's and there sat the Salvation Army Angel tree. Not unlike the ones that you see at the mall.  B, who has had a few rough days recently(ie; mommy is ready to strangle the poor kid), immediately went to the tree and said "mommy look at the angels".  She followed it by asking why there were angels on the tree.  I could have just brushed her off and maybe a year ago I would have, but I thought she could handle the truth and said "those angels all have names of boys and girls on them"... the look of confusion set in.... I proceeded to tell her that "sometimes mommy's and daddy's need some help and that these families on the tree needed help with Christmas this year."  She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said "mommy can we get an angel?" As I try not to break completely down; because we know I cry over EVERYTHING, I muster "of course sweetie, let's look and find the one you want".  The hostess bends down with us and we start reading all about these children; all about these children that aren't going to have presents under the Christmas tree this year without somebody's big heart.  Meanwhile, Robert and Rob had already sat down and we read at least a dozen cards.  We finally settled on a 3 year old girl whose wish list consisted of clothes and a riding toy.  We took off her angel card, gave the hostess the information, and decided that during nap time B and I would go Target and shop for our angel and drop the presents back off at the restaurant.  3:30pm rolled around.... off to Target we went.  Again mommy trying to hold her composure through the whole trip.  We grabbed a coffee (ok mommy did B had chocolate milk), a cookie, and a cart and got to work.  I let B do all the shopping.  She chose bright red sparkly shoes, pink PJ's, princess panties, and a few tops and pants.... oh and a Princess Scooter (which of course she "has to have" now).  I even let her swipe the credit card, so she got to "pay".  I really wanted her to understand that she was making a difference in someone's Christmas.  We talked a little bit more about helping others and how proud I was of her.  We made it back to the restaurant to drop off the presents.  By this time there were two new hostesses and they just smiled at her as she walked in with this red bag bigger than she is.  The hostess that was there from earlier in the day had passed by with a HUGE smile and said "oh she came back" and proceeded to tell the other hostesses about this morning.  As we drove away she said "mommy can we do it again"?  (we are working on that whole understanding concept).  I told her every year we could come to Johnny Carino's and pick an angel off the tree and mommy and her would go to Target and go shop for our angel together, if she wanted.  She nodded in agreement.

I'm not sure she fully understands what we did today.  I do know she understands that she was "helping".  Not once did she ever complain that there wasn't anything in the cart for her (a fear I had to be completely honest... I mean she is only 3).

The Christmas Spirit and Magic has defiantly hit the Girling house early this year.  I'm incredibly greatful my husband understands and didn't even once give me the "are you crazy" look (or speech). I'm greatful we have the ability to adopt an angel from the tree.  I'm greatful we don't have to worry about where we will get the money to buy food, clothes.... much less Christmas presents.  I kissed both of the kids for bed knowing all of our needs are taken care of; a gift that not everyone has.

I believe it was my dad (when I was just a little girl in gymnastics at one of our "help the community"events) that said.... "you should always do what you can to better your community because  there is always someone out there trying to destroy it".  To this day I do activities within the community to better it in some shape or fashion and today my daughter showed that she listens and watches me as I do it.  I only hope that I can teach her how to continue to make the community she lives in a better place.

Merry Christmas.... Happy Holidays....... Whatever you chose to celebrate this time of the year..... remember what it is you celebrate and remember that our world works at it's finest when people reach others.... help others... and believe.

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