Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's HERE... It's Really Here

I can't believe I get to finally type that residency for Robert is DONE!  I mean technically speaking he has like 5 days left; oh yeah and that little thing called a fellowship, but for real IT'S DONE! I don't think I've anticipated a week like this since our wedding.  I mean the kid's births were all very exciting but I kind of felt like it was suppose to feel the way it did. I mean, they were coming whether we were ready or not.  But much like our wedding, I have planned and dreamed of this day for so long.  I've dieted to fit into the dress.  I've counted RSVP's.  I've bought the special jewelry and practiced all of the important stuff; like my make-up and hair.  Darn it, I WILL like these pictures if it's the last thing I do!!! I've cried because dear friends and family couldn't come for moral support.  Seriously, it's totally like our wedding day.... only maybe (just maybe) more important.

I look back on all of the things we've given up to be on the journey and how far Robert has had come to do the one job in this world that makes him whole. To think that we are on the brink of all of those dreams coming true.  To think of all of those years it's taken for him to finally get to do it... it's really AMAZING.  Medicine is journey that most don't understand.  Even those friends and family members that offer their best and sincerest wishes and sympathies still don't always "get it".  My dad and I have this conversation often..."Why? Why doesn't the average person understand? Why can't the average person be taught how medicine works?"  The short answer... Because it goes against everything you believe and want as an adult.  Why would anyone want to work 80+ hours (that's the low end average ya'll) a week just to miss soccer games, spelling bees, weddings, graduations, holidays, first day's of school, first steps (my list is long... VERY LONG)? Why would anyone work for less than $5.00/hr when their job is more demanding mentally and physically than the average person? Why would anyone want to not be able to pay the bills with a terminal degree; with the title of DOCTOR?  Why on god's green earth would someone go into MASSIVE debt to be worked like a dog, and not even be allowed to start their income earning years until they were in their 30's (at the earliest ya'll)? Because someone has to "fix"people.  Someone has to heal the injured and cure the ill.  Against common knowledge these residents aren't in school anymore.  They graduated FIVE years ago (Ortho Residents anyhow).  They are "in training", but what exactly does that mean?  Well, it's their job! They manage, treat, operate and heal everyday.  They ARE doctors and have been since they graduated from medical school.  As you can imagine, it rubs many of us "Doctor Wife's" the wrong way when you ask "how much more school does your husband have?" or some line about "what would a doctor think about...".  It's enough to scream " HE IS A DOCTOR" but that's tacky so most of bite our tongue and shake our heads.  Truth is even though yes they have been "training" (learning) all these years, they have also been doctoring the injured and ill.  By Wednesdays they have worked more hours than the average American does in a week.  They have seen the worst in people (both the ill and those they work with after a 36 hour call). They have saved lives and at minimum made those they have come in contact with quite a bit better.  They HAVE become someone's HERO.  So, Friday night as the sun sets over the Oak Hill's Country Club in San Antonio Texas, a whole room of us will celebrate six shining hero's.  Six incredible people, who WILL make medicine and those they treat better.  On Friday night, I get to see my hero graduate his very last graduation (I mean I've been there for all the rest, why stop now).  And DARN IT... I WILL like the family picture we take (maybe I can find an old high school graduation picture.... Imagine how far we've come).  I'm so very proud of my husband......


  1. Congratulations to Robert as well as you and the kids for making it through! Miss you guys and wish you the best!

  2. I'm so happy and proud for both Robert and Stephanie! !!